Social Service Activities

My Belief – Service to Humanity Service to God

Dr Ananda Kumar Pingali inspired by the preaching’s of Dr Umar Alisha has started his social Service Activities since childhood.

He was very active in social welfare activities even at his college days. he worked as a volunteer for the National Service Scheme At Dr Gururaju Government Homeopathic Medical College.

He used to voluntarily participate in all the medical camps Flood Relief activities and any other social welfare activities at his college days.

Presently he is associated with Umar Alisha Rural Development trust a non Governmental Voluntary organization working for the overall development of the rural areas.

He is offering Services to the trust as a Medical Coordinator. he looks after all the medical activities of the trust like organizing Free Medical Camps ( Homeopathic, Dental, Eye) Voluntary Blood Donation Camps etc.