Cancer & Homeopathy
As per Steadman’s Medical Dictionary Cancer is a General term frequently used to indicate any of various types of malignant neoplasm’s, most of which invade surrounding tissues, may metastasize to several sites, and are likely to recur after attempted removal and to cause death of the patient unless adequately treated; especially, any such carcinoma or sarcoma, but, in ordinary usage, especially the former.

How Do we Understand Cancer in a simple way
In simple terms we can say that cancer is a tendency in the body to produce cells in a very rapid manner. The growth and multiplication of the cells is not under the control of the body. Cancer can occur in any part of the body or tissue and at any age.

What are the causes of getting cancer?
As per scientific data Cause of many of the cancers is unknown. The probable causes may be Hereditary factor i.e any of the family member may have the taint of cancer, may occur as a result of the irritation of tissues i.e chewing tobacco, smoking, working in chemical factories or may be Psychosomatic i.e any psychological stress may induce cancer.

What is The present mode of treatment ?
in the present days as and when cancer is diagnosed, the cancerous part is either removed or the part is subjected to radiotherapy followed by chemotherapy.

Why & When Homeopathy in Cancer?
As we have discussed that cancer is an inherent tendency and it is not removed just by removing the cancerous tissue and giving Radio therapy and chemotherapy. the tendency lies in the body and cancer may start up at any other place. this is the reason we find in many cases there is a replace of the disease. In Homeopathy we treat the patient whole constitution and try to remove the tendency of cancer. There is also a scope for preventing cancer in those who have a family history of cancer. Homeopathic treatment after Radio & chemotherapy helps in reducing the side effects and also helps in preventing the relapse of the disease.