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As per Steadman's Medical Dictionary Allergy is -Hypersensitivity caused by exposure to a particular antigen (allergen) resulting in a marked increase in reactivity to that antigen upon subsequent exposure, sometimes resulting in harmful immunologic consequences.

Homeopathy has a very good scope in the treatment of allergies and there are encouraging results in such cases. Homeopathy helps in reducing the hypersensitivity to the particular antigen there by giving a good relief in the long term. while under homeopathic treatment for allergy the result we find is that there is a gradual decrease in the intensity and frequency of occurrence of the problem. For example if we  take asthma - Asthma is also a allergic phenomena. It is the hyper responsiveness of the bronchial tree to the antigen. A patient who is under homeopathic treatment of asthma feel improvement in the following way

1) The number of attacks of asthma  per month / year gradually decrease.

2) The intensity of suffering gradually decreases.

3) The Complications which used to occur previously will not appear.

4) The general health condition also improves.

5) The need of using the conventional medicines (inhalers) gradually decreases.

6) There is a chance of permanent relief of asthma if Homeopathic treatment is continued over a period of time( Varies from case to case)

Treatment Available for the following allergies.
Asthma , Dust Allergy, Skin Allergy, Sun Allergy, Milk Intolerance, Nasal allergy, Allergy to Strong Odors, Chemicals, Food Items like fish, prawn, egg  Etc

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